What is a DTS?

A DTS is a 6 month, full time program. It consists of two parts: a lecture phase and and outreach phase. During the lecture phase you can expect to learn more about God, not only through lectures and class times, but also through living in community and practical times outside the classroom. The outreach phase is a cross-cultural practical time focused on applying what you have learned during the lecture phase.

YWAM Vilhelmina DTS

We seek to gather, encourage and equip people who long to strategically impact the world with the hope and love of God. People who desire to follow Jesus and see the world transformed. So, are you hungry for more of God? Do you long for a deeper, more personal relationship with Him? Do you want to see the dream God has given you grow and the nations transformed? We would like to invite you to join us for the Autumn 2018 DTS in Vilhelmina.

Lecture Phase:

The DTS lecture phase is comprised of 12 weeks of teaching.  The subjects range from The Nature and Character of God, to The Bible, to World Missions and are taught by our international lecturers.  The purpose of these 12 weeks is to help and encourage you to go deeper in your relationship with God, to learn to hear His voice, and to help you walk out your calling.  This is all paired with times of worship and intercession, as well as prayer ministry.

Outreach Phase:

Every DTS hosts an outreach phase.  Ours will be 12 weeks in total, most likely split in to 2 different sections (ex: 4 weeks in one location, 8 weeks in another).  The purpose of the outreach phase is to put into practice what was learned in the lecture phase.  In Mark 16:15, we see, “Go in to all the world and preach the Good News to everyone”, so into the world we will go!  There will be an international outreach (outside of Sweden) as well as focused more locally on Sweden.

Community Life:

DTS is also about community life in and outside of the school. We have positioned ourselves here, to be a part of the community of Vilhelmina (and the surrounding area) by being involved with the churches and what they are doing in the north, as well as other community involvement. As part of the DTS, you will be living with your fellow classmates, sharing life around the table at meals and having fun together. Vilhelmina is also located right on the edge of the wilderness, so bring your love for adventure, grab a friend and go explore!

“For me, the DTS was a time to focus on God and focus on myself. To be able spend so much time with the main focus on him, with people that was doing the same, really made me grow a lot! It was not at all what I expected, suddenly I had to live together with people I didn’t know. And there was even some times when everything wasn’t super easy. But in the end I think God wanted to teach me about who he is. Through all the different teachings and just living together with random people, my picture of God made so much more sense! Especially that the teachers came from so different places, gave me a broader perspective on who God is and what believing in him means for my life. Peace!”

– William, from Sweden

We are not offering a DTS this fall, however should you like to be informed about future DTSs in Vilhelmina or have questions please contact us at dts@ywamvilhelmina.se